Gaël Chételat

Gaël Chételat (PhD, HDR; is Director of Research at Inserm. She is responsible of a research team named «Multimodal Neuroimaging and Lifestyle in Ageing and Dementia». She

has published more than 120 articles on neuroimaging in ageing and dementia. Her work is devoted to

the understanding of the mechanisms underlying ageing and dementia processes and the lifestyle factors that could prevent or delay age-associated disorders. The specificity of her team is to conduct studies combining complementary neuroimaging modalities, including structural and functional MRI with PET using different radiotracers, and to develop innovative multimodal neuroimaging approaches to disentangle complex mechanisms of diseases or cognitive processes. Her research team is also interested in promoting healthy ageing and wellbeing through non-pharmaceutical interventions. In particular, Gaël Chételat is coordinating an H2020 European grant (, PHC22,

2015-2020) that will investigate the impact of English learning and meditation training on mental health and well-being in ageing populations.

In her talk, Gaël Chételat will illustrate what multimodal neuroimaging tells us on the physiopathology of dementia towards further understanding and prevention of neurodegenerative diseases.